Moonbox status update – 2017

A few of our forum members had asked about the status of their Moonboxes. Here is what we’ve gathered from the internet

1) All original moonbox apps are dead as for now. Etc; CloudVOD, CherryTV
2) Moonbox is moving to a subscription model.
3) All Moonbox-C models comes with 1 year live tv subscription
4) Moonbox-Pro models supposedly come with 2 year of live tv subscription?
5) The new subscription live tv app is called FastFish
6) The moonbox parent company was reportedly going to close down for business but the owner decided to revived it to goto a subscription based model

**Update April, 20, 2017**
People have reported the new subscription service is not working/not stable.

Got any other news about Moonbox we didn’t put on the list? Leave it in the comments!

IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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  • Dave Ng

    I paid USD30nto subscribe Fastfish for one yr, 7 months have elapsed. Now the APPS server guy claimed Moonbox is defunct and tbey want USD15/yr for end user to continue service.i asked them who they meant by TV box manufacturer, Moobox or Fastfish, they decline answering.

    • Padman

      Forget fastfish, check out our sponsor napper. Much better live tv selection.

    • nic

      I have the same situation. Don’t mind to pay subscription, but I could not even find the WeChat account (to pay) and I am not a QQ user…… .

      • Dave Ng

        I have the wechat account but i would not recommend paying. The person on other side ignored my question on who is the recipient since i still have 6 months Fastfish subscription. Such Mainlander rudeness doesn’t deserve my budiness

        • Jenn

          Hi Dave, whats the wechat account?? I would like to ask them some questions.

  • Dave Ng

    Today is Nov 8th North America Time, all 3 channels associated with FastFish cease to exist. As for myself, i still have 151 days paid service unfulfilled. Subscribers in North America who can communicate in English should consider Class Action Suit vs Moonbox vendors. If there is ethnic Chinese subscriber who is an attorney should check up legality of Chinese company with subscribers mainly in North America on allegation of defaulting paid international consumers. China as member of WTO should regulate her enterprises business responsibility overseas.

  • Dave Ng

    Today November 12, moonbox no longer connects to server, displaying authorization fails. Looks like Moonbox cheats subscribers like myself who paid USD30 for a year service with 5 more months to go. China as member of WTO should regulate business ethics of companies registered in China. Folks should contact attorney to initiate class action sue againist Moonbox & inform relevant government agency such as State Dept …

  • Kygo El

    Moonbox = SCAM. Don’t give these guys a cent!!!! Locking paying customers out of their own box for more $$! They will just ask you for more $$$ in a month or so. Moonbox belongs in the dumpster!

    • Ching-Po Hsu

      Moonbox is a Scam. I am the Agent of South Africa and was bought over 150 pieces from moonbox in the short period. In the beginning we view the programs for free, the after we are subscribed 30us/yr for per person but there are greedy ask another 15 us for per person and said if you do not pay for it, the box will be blocked . Now it is happened ,All the box died. This is an unreasonable because all the Android box basically still can be work for Youtube Play store and Internet or Kodi Apks etc. What’s more the Box we bought is very expensive and it our property moonbox DO NOT have the right to block even we are don”t want to subscribe any more. The reputation of moonbox is dead not more buy any products from them.


  • Dave Ng

    Today is nov 12 ’17, FastFish is dead, in essence tbe server company disconnects all clients. I paid fastfish USD30 & have another 5 months to go. I hope North America subscribers initiate class action sue against moonbox/fastfish. China being member of WTO has obligation to keep her domestic licensed company within international law. Any North America based client being attorney in international law?

    • Jenn

      Hi Dave,
      Do you have that person’s qq or wechat for the subscription of the moonbox?? I also have subscribed to fastfish 2 months ago paid USD30$ and still have 10 more months to go now i can’t watch anything!!

      • Dave Ng

        The wechat name for agent at time i paid USD30 thru paypal is ‘xzx3669’ (with FastFish logo). He no longer responded to my inquiry around 10 days ago when i asked him the money demand from the server company ( whose address i’ve deleted). I doubt this contract agent is still working for Fashfish. Today, when i opened xzx3669 profile, noticed that the new agent wechat name is ‘caer999’ which i sent an inquiry that he ignores as well.
        I have to conclude Fashfish is a SCAM tolerated by China’s notorious legal system.
        I am looking into VPN subscription also around USD30/yr that hides ur IP address from TVB while watching their free programs as in HK. i start to think this Fashfish may just be a VPN.

        Chinese in North America should not tolerate such SCAM which Mainland businesses taken for granted.

        If u are lucky to get a response ftom them, share with us.

        • Jenn

          I have spoken to that caer999 on my wechat 2 months ago regarding my fast fish subscription, i just tried to msg him again today and still havent gotten any response. Hopefully will get a reply from him, if not i will report fastfish to PayPal for scamming. But do u know the contact persons wechat for the $15usd/ yr subscription for the continuation to use the moonbox? Is it same person?

          • Dave Ng

            U can’t get refund from paypal or any credit card service after one month that they paid vendor.

            Sorry i delete the server guy’s wechat address. Fact that they posted tbe USD15 for just few days is suspicious nor they explained how long their service last? To coinside with my 5mos or ur 10mos? I asked him on this specific question, he declined except with boiler plate reply. This latter guy is the ‘server’ provider to Fastfish. From their post on moonbox screen, Fashfish owns them server fee & no longer contactable. They are victim as well.
            Hey any attorney out there to file class action sue & contact China or WTO?

          • Jenn

            Ughh this is bs!!! Scammers man. I know i only saw their $15usd ad for like a day and after its gone, its so sketchy. I wish i know any attorney out there, cant let them get away like this. I also called the store who sold us the moonbox, he told me theres nothing they can do right now and they also waiting to hear back from the supplier.

          • Dave Ng

            Even if u r back on server for another yr by paying USD10, that doesn’t guarantee u can view FastFish. There is no reason why FF shall maintain the program line up once they know the server is gone. Though with server back on, u can watch others by downloading apps or website address thru internet.

          • Dave Ng

            Fastfish is again soliciting new subscribers for USD33/yr. When i sent them my case of 5 unfillfulled months per contract, they ignore me. Spread the word around, these scumbacks are out to cheat others with impunity from China!

          • Dave Ng

            Since i am here to reveal FF, i ‘ll leak another secret how FF laundered the cash flow. That time, the agent thru stupidity showed me FF ‘s payment to a middle man in Saudi so that i can do the same. FF paid that Saudi guy USD20K, all suckers like us wired our USD30 to the same guy. Our paypal record on receiver would show the money trail.

          • Jenn

            Wtf!! Seriously, cant believe this crap.

  • Dave Ng

    I download Encore TVB which the free version for tablet of TVB USA because it has commercials, thus i get back cantonese drama for part is i can see entire episodes at time of my choice. Next step is to hook up bigger screen TV with micro HDMI to std HDMI.

  • Dave Ng

    A new TV internet box for HK/Macau/Taiwan..region for USD128. Hard to know it’s legitimacy & life span.any feed back?

  • Dave Ng

    收看200套以上高清稳定的中文电视直播就用快鱼影音APP !
    快鱼直播APP年费稳定版,现已全面支持HTV、Blue TV、Fun TV、MoonBox、安博、TVPAD等热销安卓系统的机顶盒安装使用。每年仅需缴费33美金,就可以收看200套以上高清中文直播频道!!!直播付费成功后更有点播&回看免费赠送使用!欢迎广大用户下载安装体验,首次安装可以免费试看7天!详情请微信私信咨询。朋友圈点赞后付费的用户,均可享受85折优惠!

    Fastfish put up new advertisement on Wechat for subscribers @USD33/yr on various platform. When i confronted them on my remaining 5 months prepaid contact, they ignored my complaint. Spread the words to overseas Chinese not to fall for same scam!

    • Jenn

      Hey check this forum out! Some users have figured out a solution to unblock the moonbox. You might be able to use it again w.o paying the scammers!!

      • Dave Ng

        Unfortunately my moonbox is the old M3 black box. Any case, now i watch mainland dramas from Tencent Video on TV with mini2std HDMI cable. This Mainland scumbag would have charge more than USD33/yr without resorting to steal&run tactic.just spread the word to every website & person u know.

        • Jenn

          Damn that sucks! Hopefully theres a solution soon for the M3. I have the white M3 and its working for me now, surprisingly FF still works.

          • Ching-Po Hsu

            I got 5 of M3 on my hand and still straggly to unlocked
            if you havethe way to sort it out would you please let me know ?

  • Andy Wong




    為了大家不再受到Moonbox公司一而再違背承諾的行為!我們用了大概一個月時間,終於把覆蓋Moonbox的程式編好及測試完成!“MPro” ”M3S” 及 ”Moonbox C”的問題得以解決!


    請點讚及分享!!! 謝謝


    To all Moonbox user,

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    Moonbox has lost all credibility; They have been Unreasonably blocking customer’s usage right and started to charge customers to access Moonbox itself.

    We should not be forced to pay in order to access Moonbox that we bought.

    In order to stop Moonbox from breaking their promises. We have created a program to override their operating system. The program has been tested and ready to be used on “MPro” ”M3S” & ”Moonbox C”.

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