June, 1, 2018 ~ The end of Tvpad, BlueTV, TVChina ? Services down for good

If you have stumbled into this post, you may have noticed BlueTV and TVChina has been down for a few days.

Users on on forum had reported the company is done for good. See the following link

TVChina Support Thread

BlueTV Down Thread

and of course from resellers of the TVPad product.



It briefly translate to

Due to bad management behind the parent comp[any of TVPad, we are suffering from cash flow problem and cannot continue to operate. TVPad will cease to operate on June, 1st, 2018. All products and services will stop operating.

Our team thank you for years of support. We apologize for bankruptcy. We hope service you in the future.

I guess that’s it for now for TVPad, BlueTV & TVChina.

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Napper Support Thread on our forum


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