Bring your Moonbox back to life

The company behind Moonbox had seized operation. Their final move was put out a ransom notice asking for customers’s to pay $15 to use the box they already own.

There are currently two ways to bring your Moonbox back into normal Android operation.

  1. Block their authentication server – Block outgoing port 9011 to This method only work with white Moonbox
  2. Flash custom firmware onto the moonbox – This only work with m3s, see link here

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  • Guan Ren Chang

    do you mind giving some detail instruction on how to block the port?

    • 鳳凰一輝

      also wanna know too >.<

    • Padman

      You can visit the forum post for more information.

  • Tammy Sylvia

    I would like to know as well

  • CT Lam

    if your moonbox is running android 4 or lower you can try reset to factory settings and then change the permission “draw on top” for the app called “MBUI” . Turn it off.

    • Chin Wu

      Does this work?

      • CT Lam

        I have the m3 moonbox running Android 4. It’s still working.