MASSIVE NEWS UPDATE: Ubox / Unblocktech shut down imminent

News had come out that the owners of Unblocktech have been indicted in Taiwan.

Prosecutors last week charged the head of set-top box provider Unblock Tech (安博科技) for copyright contraventions involving 72 companies, including cable TV content providers Videoland and GTV.

New Taipei City prosecutors said in a statement on Saturday that the executive, surnamed Huang (黃), allegedly worked with Chinese entities to steal and replicate content from 72 companies, and upload it to Web sites with servers overseas.

That content was then made accessible to Unblock Tech customers through the company’s boxes.


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Several Operations Over Several Months

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended in August 2021, and over the next few months, Taiwan authorities conducted several operations to disrupt the supply of Unblock Tech devices. Somewhat unusually, these operations weren’t mentioned in Hollywood’s reports to the U.S. Government.
In a report dated October 2022, in a section dedicated to Taiwan, the MPA describes Unblock Tech in detail, noting that its ‘Ubox’ devices present an “enormous piracy and enforcement” challenge. An IIPA report dated January 2023 goes into detail in other ways but makes no mention of arrests in Taiwan.
A surprise announcement published yesterday by the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office reveals that the suspected head of Unblock Tech operations in Taiwan has now been indicted for mass copyright infringement offenses.
Prosecutors say that the man (identified only by the surname ‘Huang’) worked with partners in mainland China to illegally obtain copyrighted movie and TV content (some of it relating to the Olympics) from 72 legal companies, before illegally distributing streams via servers “located overseas” to Ubox device users


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