Re-purposing your TVPad 4 & BlueTV with custom rom with builtin RSS player

Now that TVPad 4 & BlueTV is officially dead. Time to use these boxes for something else.

In terms of hardware, they are not very powerful. However, they do decode H265 perfectly (Full support for our sponsor Napper).

One of our wonderful forum member just created a custom ROM that is rooted and have RSS Player (VOD App) installed by default.

Here are the steps involved

1) Insert the SD Card to BlueTV

2) Unplug the power, and keep pressing “3 bars” button on your remote.

3) If everything correct, you will see TWRP screen like this:

4) USE USB mouse to click restore

5) Click on Storage and select External SD

6)Select the image folder “2018-06-08–5.066_rooted_RSS”

7) Swipe to Restore

8) After Finish, reboot and enjoy.

That’s it! For all the files needed and full screenshot instructions, take a look at the forum post

BIG THANKS to tomato123 for your contributions to the community ~ Enterprise grade business web hosting!

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