UnblockTech UBox 2 factory image restore procedure (Soft Unbrick)

Thanks to one of our forum member (killer23d) at TVPadtalk.ca, we now have a method to factory restore (soft unbrick) the Ubox 2. If your Ubox is dead due to the app updates that has been ongoing for the last few days then this is the fix you need. It will bring everything back to stock.

S800 uses an Allwinner H3 CPU, thus any tools designed fro Allwinner such as the Orange Pi will be quite compatible to it.

This is the Baidu Pan from UB FB page http://pan.baidu.com/share/home?uk=2654569005#category/type=0

I downloaded the S800-160127-s.img because it is consistent with the file naming structure from the support requests on their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/hkunblocktech/?fref=nf

The next tool is Phoenixcard, it is a utility to burn the IMG to a Micro SD card. The SD card will be needed to re-write the firmware to the box. I ran the Phoenixcard tool, selected the drive letter, chose the IMG file, clicked on the “Product” radio button and “BURN”. The SD card was burned within 5 minutes.

This is the steps I took to write the firmware:
– Unplug the power cable
– Insert Micro SD card
– Plug the power cable
– Watch the progress bar on the TV until “Card OK” shown and box shuts down
– Unplug the power cable
– Plug the power cable

For information regarding this restore process, see this link http://tvpadtalk.ca/discussion/668/restore-factory-image-for-s800-to-20160126-for-the-experienced



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