Use VPNUnlimited on your TVPad 4! Last minute deal !

Nov-28-2015 Update: It appears VPN Unlimited will provide you with PPTP and openvpn config file to use on a hardware router. Which means this VPN Unlimited deal is the best deal around. 

The VPNUnlimited deal on SS is ending today  soon (Seems like the renewed the deal), I have created a video showing you how to use this app.

Since this service doesn’t require a router, it is the simpliest solution!

Download Package for TVPad 4:!fVtizKZY!zibnrgWMgtE6qXlQwAlfj1QUBobHkXM3duyAfmBbK0U

3 Year subscription:

Lifetime subscription:


IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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  • Padman

    Deal is ending in 5 hours !!!

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  • ThinhD

    VPNunlimit is one time setting or everytime when power up.

    • Padman

      No option in the app to startup every time it boots up. So you have to manually start the vpnunlimited app and connect to it everytime you power off the tvpad.

      • ThinhD


        • Padman

          So seems like VPN Unlimited will provide you with openVPN configs. With that you could install the standalone openVPN client and have it to auto connect once your TVPad 4 boots up.

          • Ellina

            Is this vpnunlimited only for tvpad4?
            How do you install vpnunlimited app onto tvpad?

  • Allen Wu

    Is there a way to make this work for TVPAD 1?

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  • Ellina

    How do you install vpnunlimited to tvpad?

  • TL

    After I connect to vpn, my tvpad shows “no network connection”? Please help

  • Cliff

    vpnunlimited on tvpad4 is unstable. I got can’t “connect to server ” a lot and even if I connected to the Japan server as shown in video, I still can’t access my apps. The yueTV app works but it doesn’t even need vpnunlimited to work (I had it working before using vpnunlimited.) . In US region