How to install Apps on TVPad 1, TVPad 2, TVPad 3

If you need to install apps on your legacy TVPad here are the instructions.

  1. Download the following file!LAsl0CSI!SLOWXYcLSuL7IHeIicL-H2OrQl7oif9vrFookuGRg9o

For TVPad 1, use this file instead!eckhRLba!GgbEIy8oMzMEyiox7DLUEC3k6wmM9ut-8iDw3xznPnI

  1. Format your USB drive with fat32 partition. (Right click on the drive -> Format)
  2. Place the file you downloaded from Step 1 onto the USB
  3. Place the app’s pkg file onto the USB
  4. Plug into the TVPad, then the installer should pop up
  5. You should have two options, use the first option to install the apps on the usb. The second option is to remove all apps
  6. Done


IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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