Monthly Archive: December 2015


How to install Apps on TVPad 1, TVPad 2, TVPad 3

If you need to install apps on your legacy TVPad here are the instructions. Download the following file!LAsl0CSI!SLOWXYcLSuL7IHeIicL-H2OrQl7oif9vrFookuGRg9o For TVPad 1, use this file instead!eckhRLba!GgbEIy8oMzMEyiox7DLUEC3k6wmM9ut-8iDw3xznPnI Format your USB drive with fat32 partition. (Right...


Installing vChannel VOD (Video on Demand) app onto your TVPad 4

Here’s another way you could watch Chinese content on your TVPad 4.!eNUFEQ5J!zalFVC3Eq7Z4s9vc6z_kYHssiFymFH4_b0-NXrjm_nA Download the package Extract it onto the root of your USB drive Plug in the USB onto the TVPad 4 then...


Working DNS Server for TVPad

If you are tired of searching for DNS server for your TVPad then look no further. NOTE: TVPad 1 – 3 is getting shut down! The paid dns service will not work on TVPad...


Public DNS Server – Crowd Sourced

Please see this link for more information Project cancelled