TVPad 1 back to life ! Now easier than ever !

Don’t throw away your TVPad 1 just yet ! Thanks to Phantoman’s TVPad 1 firmware fix, the dead TVPad 1’s are now back to life.

Edit: Phantoman have now released a easy to use greenman fix method !

Bundling with the paid DNS solution, you can get majority of the apps back online!

See more information at this thread.

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  • Chung Tang

    Is there another link or page that gives instructions as to how to set up my TVPAD1 according to the DNS solutions?

    • Padman
      • Annie

        wait so that’s only for TVpad4 @PadmanTVPad:disqus

        • Padman

          Works for TVPad 1 -3 at the moment

  • VegasSmitty

    This is a rip-off, just a DNS change that will be shut down shortly.

  • George Li

    Just tried it, did not work! fake news all the time

  • George Li

    I just tried it, it did not work for me! 🙁

    • Padman

      What have you tried ?

      • George Li

        Downloaded the file and did all the steps but it still didn’t work.. it blocked out the screen right away

  • Karen Song

    It did not work for me neither T_T

    • Padman

      What have you tried doing ?

  • Kevin Tsui

    To be honest, is it really works? It already took me too much time to “re-save” and “re-active” my TVPad for many times… I am going to give up that annoying action…

    • Padman

      It takes 2 seconds to extract the zip and load it onto the tvpad. So… not much time you need

  • debby

    pls help my tvpad4 in trouble couldnt go to home page its asking “connect your charger” which i never see that before thank you so much

  • lamcom88

    After I upgrade and downgrade my TVPad1 for the green man, I lost an app MVOD for playing video files on USB key. Appreciate if anyone can offer the mvod.pkg App.

  • Karlo Cheung

    I tried, still doesn’t work! TVpad official dead!