Getting started with Unblocktech Gen2 UBox

There has been a few questions asked on our forum about how to setup the box on first use. Here is a quick start guide.

  1. Goto the UB Market and look for this icon IMG_20160105_1452329
  2. Install it and run it. This is a one click installer which will install all the Video apps for you. One the installer screen you will be able to select what to install, just select all.

Getting VOD (Cantonese/Chinese/Korean/Western)

  1. Look for this icon IMG_20151217_0259023[1] and open
  2. Once it’s loaded click on the following IMG_20160105_1501462
  3. On the next screen you will be able to find the different categories at the top IMG_20160105_1502514 ~ Enterprise grade business web hosting!

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