TVPad4 “Tvpad is restricted. For more information, please contact the seller” June-28-2016

We have been getting numerous reports on our Forum for the restricted error.

Are you suffering from the same issue ?

IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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  • Richard

    Just bought a TVpad4 from Kijiji and found out that this box was restricted. Called TVpad they said that this box is being blocked, replaced and will not re-activate this box. Can I re-format this box as an Android box? Please help.

    • Padman

      You don’t need to re-format it. Just install apps on it

      • Sitou Dien

        Does this mean tvpad 4 is finally dead? Mine became restricted just last week. Is the company finished? I keep reading there are work arounds using vpn and dns.

        • Padman

          No, TVP4 is still working.