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SodaTV with Tvbox.me outage

We have gotten numerous reporting from our froum members that SodaTV purchased from tvbox.me has stopped working since April 10, 2021. Questions sent to tvbox.me’s customer support had been unanswered as well. For those...


Public DNS Server – Crowd Sourced

Please see this link for more information http://tvpadtalk.com/1/2131/tvpadtalk_crowdfunded_public_dns_servers_-_patreon Project cancelled


TVPad working without chaning DNS in Canada

I have just personally tested TVPad 1 and TVPad 4 and they are fully working without needing to change DNS server. Perhaps there is some truth to TVPad having an agreement with TVB/DISH.


Your TVPad 4 still not working? Try YueTV App

The new YueTV app has been provided by TVPad itself as a 3rd party app. This app will solve the geo-blocking for US TVPad 4 users. Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!SFV3UahA!rrUF5Hmb6EdSN1S2MeRCxVAivowVxDNmUHKBsyk1xHA Instructions Extract the Zip onto a...


TVPad Outage Update Nov-26-2015

We’ve been getting reports on our forum that the 49 DNS is no longer working for folks in the US. I just tried the 49 server in Canada and it is definitely working. Perhaps...