TVPad Outage Update Nov-26-2015

We’ve been getting reports on our forum that the 49 DNS is no longer working for folks in the US.

I just tried the 49 server in Canada and it is definitely working.

Perhaps this has to do with being thanks giving in the states…

Update @ 1:24AM EST: Reports are coming in if you set the DNS to auto, the channels are back

IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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  • Padman

    Seems to be back !

    • ctan999

      DNS auto works but the server message said abnormal (error code: -1);
      I have been trying to test different DNS for more than 2 hrs and it does not work.
      could you please let us know the magic number?

      • DONALDBOON!fVtizKZY!zibnrgWMgtE6qXlQwAlfj1QUBobHkXM3duyAfmBbK0U download this put your tvpad 4 with usb and them put DNS#

        • Raine

          uploaded the VPN and put the DNS#. Did not work and still same issue as Padman for auto.

          • DONALDBOON
          • Raine

            so get another VPN#, use the same DNS# from your post above and try again?

          • Padman

            If you are using VPN unlimited you shouldn’t need to change the DNS. When I connected to the VPN Unlimited Japan server it worked instantly.

          • Cliff

            How? Install it on TVPAD4 how to ? or my router?

          • PK

            Ive TVPAD2, could someone explain how to subscribe VPN and load it into my TVPAD2 and get it to work? Thx

          • Padman

            You will need to use a hardware router option for legacy TVPads. I will update the post for that shortly.

          • Cliff

            Do I install this on my TVpad4 or install this on my router?

      • Padman

        I think you can forbid the abnormal code. People are saying it works even when it says it’s abnormal.

        • ctan999

          It is not the situation as you have mentioned. Why I can ignore the abnormal code if I can not get server working? it seems that my router/network could not connect to your server, why? When I tried to see the Asia program, the load speed was only 2kb/s or 0kb/s (sure it was since the TVPAD could not connect to your server). I could not see any program at all. Is it possible to give every one a total solution´╝č Is this TVPAD program dead due to some reasons unless it has to go thru VPN? Then, it is another cost to us. it was not the condition when we 1st to buy this TVPAD.

  • Guy Fawkes

    No luck in the US since approx. 8:30PST last night. Using Gen 1.

  • Hm1

    Tvpad 3 has stopped. Just wait for the new DNS info(-_-)

  • Kameran Lee

    Working in uk. Also used auto DNS. But just live channels.

  • Eric Lee

    anyone know the difference between the tvpad and HTV 3??

  • Stella

    How to use the mouse on the tvpad4 remote??