Breaking news! Tvpad to officially shutdown TVPad 1 – 3 on Jan 1st, 2016

There was a report on on forum TVPadtalk that TVPad had planned to shutdown the service for TVPad 1-3 commencing January 1st, 2016.

I had a chat with the live support on the official TVPad site and the rep did confirm this.

I don’t think they understand the impact of shutting down their previous devices. As a user of TVPad, we must let this company know.

Let’s organize a email petition and send it to their upper management. Although it may not be worth anything but we still have to let them know.

Feel free to discuss this on the comment under!

See this forum post for further discussion –


Rough draft

亲爱的 TVPa​​d 高层管理人员,

我本人对您们的Tvpad 1, Tvpad 2, Tvpad 3 关闭计划很不满意.

本人是一个Tvpad 的忠实用户. 但是经过这事以后我拒绝和抵制TVPad. 我将会告诉我的朋友停止购买TVPad

Tvpad 忠实用户上


Dear TVPAd upper management,

I am not satisfy with your plan of shutting down TVPad 1, 2 ,3.

I am a loyal user of TVPad, but after this incident I will stop using and boycott TVPad. I will tell me friend to stop buying TVPad

Please reconsider your plan.

Sincerely Loyal TVPad User



Dear reseller,

Because of TVPad 1,2,3 hardware cannot support our upgrade, due to that reason we can no longer support the regular usage. Because of this we will create a pop up suggesting users to upgrade to TVPad 4

The window will say:

Dear user: TVPad will upgrade the backend system, because of the hardware requirement of this upgrade your TVPad cannot support it. Your device will be shutdown on 2016, Jan, 1st. To ensure the normal operations, we recommend you to upgrade to TVpad. You can enter your old MAC address on our official site to get a discount on TVPad4.

The window will pop up starting at Dec, 21, to match up with our upgrade promotion.
Due to this, please be prepare. If you have any questions, please contact me. ~ Enterprise grade business web hosting!

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