Getting your TVPad ready for Thanks Giving

Without the outage ending in sight and the big Thanks Giving coming up tomorrow. One would wonder what they would need do to entertain their guests.

`Fraid not! We here at TVPadNews had come up with a video tutorial on how to get your TVPad back up and running.

Ever since the outage started in late October, 2015. TVPad users in the USA have been suffering a lot more than the rest of the world due to what it seems like a geo-blocking on the TVPad network cluster after the lawsuit. 

Due to the geo-blocking, a lot of US TVPad owners are still in the dark since no public explanation was released by the TVPad company.

The kind members on the TVPadTalk forum had been helping each others out and had developed a way to get the TVPad in full functionality.

If you are looking for a simpler solution: Check

Here’s how…


Thanks to XChemical

Thanks to XChemical for this image

So basically the solution here is to have another network (additional router with DHCP enabled)  inside of your home network. Then this new network will VPN (Virtual Private Network) into a remote network that has IPs outside of your country. Once the VPN connection is established, this VPN network will bypass your home’s network/home ISP/home country ISP thus making the TVPad work again.

We have made a couple of video tutorials on how to set this up.

Here’s some additional links if you have further questions.

For a list of confirmed working VPN providers, see this link

To sign up for PrivateInternetAccess use this link, 😀 -> ~ Enterprise grade business web hosting!

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