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Bypass the YueTV restricted message on TVPad 4

Thanks to our forum member dualmax, we now have a way to bypass the annoying “Restricted” message. All you have to do is connect a mouse to the tvpad and when you see that...


YueTV stopped working for you ?

A few forums members have been indicated their YueTV stopped working over the last few weeks. For those are having problems, you can try reinstalling the app itself. Here are the ones that people...


Your TVPad 4 still not working? Try YueTV App

The new YueTV app has been provided by TVPad itself as a 3rd party app. This app will solve the geo-blocking for US TVPad 4 users. Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!SFV3UahA!rrUF5Hmb6EdSN1S2MeRCxVAivowVxDNmUHKBsyk1xHA Instructions Extract the Zip onto a...