Bypass the YueTV restricted message on TVPad 4

Thanks to our forum member dualmax, we now have a way to bypass the annoying “Restricted” message. All you have to do is connect a mouse to the tvpad and when you see that message popup, just use the mouse and click on the background of the app.

See the forum thread here…

Confirmed and tested myself

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I have a way to make your restricted tvpad 4 working again if you have user restricted message. All you need is a mouse, plug in the mouse and use it to click on the app, such as yuetv or others, once the app opens use you remote as normal. strange!

IPTV Streaming without Kodi

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  • James Wei

    After every 20-minute watching, the system will exit to the main menu and I have to restart the process.
    Is there anyone who has the same problem?

  • Danny

    Has anyone tried using a VPN to bypass tvpad 4 errors?

  • Stv

    YueTV is completely not working today. All Lives, 3-Day History Lives, DOVs are not working. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there newer YueTV updates that I don’t know about?

    • Minghao Feng

      me too

      • Padman

        Check the forums for details.

  • xvl260

    Does anyone have the YueTV v0.42 apk? Please share. Thanks.