Upgrade method for TVPad 4 to 5.060

TVPad had released a new firmware 5.066. If you are on firmware 5.054 you won’t be able to perform a OTA upgrade to 5.066. The only way to upgrade to 5.066 is to upgrade your TVPad 4 to 5.060 then perform a OTA.

Here is how you bring your TVPad to 5.06

  1. Download this zip but don’t extract https://mega.nz/#!yU9UxaQb!23t-lwa4rWfhlW0BWmyR7Kwf8phhugIwhzIf2qfZeMI
  2. Put this zip file on a USB or microSD card then plug it into TVPad
  3. On the remote control enter 200981811 and the update screen should pop up
  4. Proceed with the update. Once you are on the firmware 5.060 you should be able to receive the OTA update to 5.066

If you are getting no network, then use this page to find a suitable DNS server. (Thanks to cheuk5)



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